Friday, July 29, 2011

Creating with Scraps - Day 6

Here is the next installment of the cards I created using my scraps and a few other items and tools I packed up to take camping. 

A while back I purchased a package of Stampbord becuase they looked like a lot of fun.  And they are ... I just find that they are heavy on cards.  I think they are better suited for alterable items like boxes, etc.  After the purchase, I created this scene on one of the 2" blocks.  It was stamped and colored using a paint brush and ink and just sitting in my scrap bin waiting to be used.  I added it to a few Lable 1 dies (smaller than an A2 card making it more firm to hold the Stampbord) which were in my scrap bin.  The button and ribbon were also sitting there waiting to be used.  Love it when it all just comes together so easily!!

This piece of scrap is a more recent addition to my pile.  It is a leftover from the invitations I made for my nephew and his lovely new wife this past September.  All that waws required was a small ribbon and dimensionals to add it to a vanila card base.  Another easy peasy card!!

This card ended up being one of my favorites.  It started with the 2 flowers that had been stamped onto watercolor paper ... years and years ago.  I cut them out leaving a small amount of white around the images.  Then I glued some brown seed beads (another small cheat!) onto the centers.  I adhered them to the card with dimensional tape and tucked the sentiment, from my scrap stash, to the pale yellow card base.  Before doing all of this, I did add some flourishes to the card base in just the right places using Versamark (which unfortunately makes it difficult to see in the photo).  This is likely one of my all time favorite color combos!

So even this card base is a leftover from a failed project!  Those butterflies had been stamped on and were not colored when I started out with this project.  I added some pink color using a paint brush (which I had thankfully included in my stash).  And see that frame ... I created it back when I was scrapbooking ... probably about 6 years ago!  The little flower is a bit newer.  I tried making one of those rolled  flowers that are popping up everywhere on blogs.  This one turned out okay but I never got around to actually using it, until now. 

So a few pretty little cards to add to my growing pile.  Drop back in on Monday if you wnat to see more scrap cards.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Papertrey Ink - Make It Monday #25 - Coloring With White Ink

So I couldn't resist playing along with this week's Make It Monday challenge #25 from Papertrey Ink.  Heather Nichols (one of my favorite design team members) showed how she uses white ink to "paint" or color images.  I laid in bed after watching the video and decided that painting with the white ink is fun but adding some color on top would make it even better.  Then I started invisioning some white day lilies with the deep reddish purple color near the center. 

In the end ... here is what I created when I woke up.  I used Beautiful Blooms (PTI) set which is a long time favorite but I don't take it out nearly often enough!!

If you are looking for my "scrap cards" for today just scroll down as this is my second post for the day.
Have a great day!

Creating with Scraps - Day 5

Here goes another 4 cards created from my scraps:

It's funny how I can remember where certain pieces come from.  This was a first attempt at a challenge issued by Susan R on her blog.  Can't remember what the challenge was ... maybe to use this color of purple.  Yeah, I think she referred to it as Pixie Puke (actually Orchid Opulence from Stampin' Up!).  LOL!!   The rhinstones were even already on this one and it was already stamped with the sentiment.  I just had to add the black strip of scrap and attach it to a card!

I don't remember why I had these circles stamped, but liked the colors together!  They come from the Simple Little Things set (Papertrey Ink), which I also happened to have in my stash along with my PTI inks, so I had stamped a 3rd circle but didn't end up using it in the end!  Oh well, just added it to my stash (used some, created some !!).  Another cheat on this card though .. the Bitty Dot paper (Ocean Tides from PTI) was sneaked out and added to the card.  The sentiment piece was in my stash happy to be used!!

More pieces of scrap used!  This card started with the oval.  It is a piece of chipboard that I had added the greens and white inks to.  I remember creating it based on a great card I saw on line but my oval didn't meet my standards then so was added to my scrap bin.  On this card, it worked perfectly as a spot for my transparent butterfly to land.  This butterfly has also been in my scrap bin for a while.  It has that same Aqua Mist look alike paint added to the back sides of the wings (paint I created before I had PTI inks).  The half die has been around for a shorter time.  It is a piece of glossy cardstock that had been heat embossed with polka dots.  I took some of my PTI inks that matched the butterfly and oval and sponged on some ink to reveal the white dots.  Even that strip of ribbon was in the stash I was using.  A bit of versamark stamping on the back and black rhinstones (to create a visual triangle of black) were used since they were in the stash of bling I had added to the stash. 

Now this is a funny little card!  This little cat is a die that my son bought me for Christmas a few years ago.  I actually find the die a bit difficult to use as the face is embossed on it but hard to see once it is added to a card.  I stamped it with text background (PTI) and sponged around the edge with some brown ink.  The background is a piece of tissue paper background I had created more than 5 years ago ... good to finally use it up!  The 2 green pieces are scraps with the lighter being more of the PTI packaging I had kept.  Even the sun is a yellow circle from my stash and the sentiment was already sitting there waiting to be used.  That means there are 6 pieces of scrap used here on this card.  I think that makes it okay for a cheat ... I had not put any googly eyes in my stash but snuck them in for the kitty's eyes!! 

Well, this was an interesting 4 cards.  What will the next 4 look like .. stay tuned to see....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creating with Scraps - Day 4

Back for more, eh??!!  Well, I wouldn't want to dissapoint ....

This card has some interesting scraps on it.  The background piece was created at least 4 years ago!  I know this because I had been working with a friend when I made it but that was 4 years ago!!  It is a bleached background and used the leaves from the Stampin' Up! set called carte postale - remember that set - I should pull it out and make a Take 3 challenge out of it!  Next up on this card is the tag that the sentiment is stamped on.  When I first got my Papertrey Ink stamps, I loved the little images in all of the Borders & Corners sets (I bought all 4 originals and still love them).  I created all kinds of background sheets using them and the strips from Faux Ribbon (also PTI).  This little tag never got used ... until now!!  I had origianlly hand cut the shape so when I made this card, I adhererd the tag onto a scrap of black cardstock and carefully cut around it to give it a black mat.

Here is another cute card.  It owuld make a great card for a little person.  This turtle is also an image I had stamped off from a friend (many times because I though he was so cute!).  I had also previously colored him in ... and there he sat in my scrap bin for many years.  So i cut him out and used him.  That interesting background piece is actually another piece of packaging.  This time it comes from something we bought from the 2010 Vancover Olympics.  The colors and swirly design was perfect for my turtle friend.   I drew and cut out the speech bubble and added the shells or waves to the card base.  Such a CAS and easy card!

Another great card with lots of scraps on it.  That background piece was created a few Christmases ago when I was playing around with the can of air technique.  The felt strip on the left is a leftover piece I had from a Loonie Stampers Challenge.  I remember that one of the colors was to use Scarlet Jewel but I didn't own any ink or cardstock in that color so I went to the local Dollar Store and bought a piece of felt that looked close to the color.  I had stitched both edges and used it like a piece of ribbon on the original card.  This was all that was left.  SEe the square that the senitment is on ... even that was in my scrap bin.  I tend to accumulate lots of inchies and circles in my scrap bin so using them up is a good thing!!

More packaging!!  I bet you can't guess who bought the item that this came on!  LOL  My son is so sweet, he will often hand me pieces of packaging and say something like "Here mom, you can probably make a card out of this".  He was definately right this time!  Mario and his friends are a perfect image to wish some young boy a happy birthday.  I was tempted to cheat on this card to make it read "happy birthday from all of us" but resisted the urge!!

Another 4 cards down but lots to go.  Make sure you drop back in tomorrow to see what else got created!  This is a lot of fun!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creating with Scraps - Day 3

Okay, so on to another 4 cards created with only the scraps and a few other items I collected. 

This bucket and it's apples have been water colored and sitting in my scrap bin for ages.  I don't even own this stamp set but had stamped off a few of the images from my SU! demo in the days I used to take a class from her.  The white background had also been sitting in my scrap bin - it has score lines in it but they are hard to see in the picture.  I had taken a piece of black scrap and the pinking scissors I had added to the tools to take and created the little thing strip for the bucket to sit on.  See that blue, grey and white section - that is a piece of KI packaging I have had forever.  It was just too pretty to throw away and I knew I would be able to put it to good use.  It is actually only half - I cut it lengthwise.  You will see the other half on some other card in the future as I was unable to throw it away!!  LOL!!  A few tiny square buttons that were in the button container I had added to the stash! 

I had colored this stamped flower (from SU!) with my Twinkling H2Os a while ago.  It started out on a longer white piece of cardstock with an orangish ribbon tied below the flower but I cut it into a square and matted it onto the black cardstock scrap instead.  Both the scallop and green border and the green with white image strip were scraps in my bin.  They both just worked so well together.  The green ribbon was one more 'cheat' as it was not part of the original stash.  I just needed something to add some dimension and had nothing in the stash that would work this time.  Still, the card does use up 4 pieces of scrap in all!! 

This card started out with a desire to use up that white with green glitter piece.  I had used a sticker sheet of leaves by Judikins where you peel off the transparent sheet and then just dump the glitter on!  It is so sparkly in real life.  So the larger piece I used on a card a long time ago but I had this little square left and couldn't bare to toss it.  So I added a strip of purple (scrap), the tag (in my pre cut scrap pile) and the glittery butterfly (which I made ages ago and have yet to use).  Notice the purple fiber.  I didn't have anything with me that would work but I did have some 1/4" grosgrain ribbon.  It was too think so I cut it apart until I had a frayed piece that I liked.  A few of the other stamp sets I had included in my 'stash' was the Mixed Messages set from Papertrey Ink (which was essential) and the Background Basics: Retro (also PTI) which is one of my all time favorite background sets from them that I own!! 

This black center piece is old!!  The leaves are from Beatiful Blooms (one of the original Papertrey Ink sets) and they are stamped with paint that I had tinted to match the Aqua Mist color because I did not have any ink yet at that time!  (Kinda shows how old it is).  I see it is updated because it had been sitting in my scrap bin already cut using the Labels 1 (Spellbinders) die.  Luckly I happened to also have these 3 circles in my scrap bin that were Aqua Mist cardstock (Papertrey Ink).  I used the Turning a New Leaf stamp set to add some black leaves to the card base. 

So there you go, 4 more cards created only from my scraps and the few other supplies I had gathered together.  And only one cheat in this batch!  Pretty good I'd say :-)

See you tomorrow for another 4 cards!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Creating with Scraps - Day 2

So, today I am going to share with you 4 of the cards I created, only using the scraps and few supplies I pulled together.  While initially, I had plans to take it camping with me, I did not create while camping but did so at home, but using the same supplies.  It was so much fun!!!

I've had that striped piece in my bin for a long time.  It had a little green flower on it but I took it off and reworked it here.  The sentiment was also in my scrap bin.  I was glad I had thrown in Giga Guide Lines since the large image on the card base matched the green image by the sentiment!

I think this little baby card turned out nice!  I had that moon and stars since the days when I was in a SU! card making class .. a long time ago!  And the mouse had been previously stamped but not colored in.  I did so with a few pencil crayons (a cheat as I had not brought those in the camping package).  The sentiment was also part of my scraps.  See the little strip of green dots, that is actually packaging from a Papertrey Ink stamp set!  I save everything and used saved packaging on a few cards. 

This focal patten was crated a while ago.  If I remember correctly, it was stamped onto shiny cardstock and then the green and yellow color (hard to see in this photo) was sponged onto the images.  The twine and button were in the stash (I was glad I had brought the container of buttons!) and the Simple Little Things stamp set (anniversary set from Papertrey Ink) came in very handy for sentiments. 

I'm not so sure I like the end result of this card but figured I'd post it anyway.  There was one other "cheat" on this card.  The turquoise rectangle had been outlined with a gold pen but I wainted it to match the silver shiny paper (that is under the flower and half circle - hard to tell in this photo) so I pulled out my silver marker and went over top the gold to make it silver.  Other than that, all of the other elements of this card were in my stash.  While it is hard to tell, the flower is actually stamped on acetate and cut out.  It is popped up on dimensionals (one of the most used items I had brought with me).  The effect in real life is very cool but is lost in the photo. 

Well, there are 4 of my scrap cards!  There will be 4 more tomorrow so stay tuned!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creating with Scraps - Day 1

Okay, best laid plans never seem to work.  You know how I had planned to take my crafting supplies with me camping and create a whole bunch of things ... well, that just didn't happen.  We were too busy.  So, I decided to see what I could create anyway with the same supplies ... but just at home. 

I pulled out the supplies I had packed and swore that I would use nothing but what was there.  Man, was it hard not to grab something that was in my stash but I resisted (except for a few times)!  In the end, I created a ton of cards - 29 in total plus one bookmark!!!  Of course, there were still enough card bases to create 18 more cards and other scraps to create about 10 times that many cards!   

Here are a few of the photos of the frenzie mid-create:

Look at all those bits and pieces.  What fun I had!!!  I could have been creating for hours
and hours and hours ... wait ... I did create for hours!!! 

Here is one of the creations I made.

It was the very first card I created.  The flower image has been 'hanging around' for about ever! and the butter fly was alos one I have had in my scrap bin for a long time.  I had added some of that thin ribbon to the stash and it came in very handy.  I really like the result of this Clean and Simple (CAS) card. 
Stay tuned for the rest that I will be posting in the coming days. 


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to pop in to share something.  First of all, if you are a blogger then you know and understand how nice it is to receive comments on the creations you post.  I certainly feel that way!  When I first started this blogging thing, I used to race from blog to blog checking out the awesome creations by the owner but then move on without a thought of commenting.  But then I got the nicest comment on my own blog sharing some kind words about my work and I realized that I needed to be more generous with my thoughts about other crafter's work.  So I started to be selective about blogs and make an effort to leave comments.  And not just random "nice" comments, but comments that would let the crafter know and understand exactly why I liked their creation. 

However, there seems to be a problem.  Lately, there are a few blogs that I am unable to leave comments on!   I am unsure why and having difficulty fixing the problem in a way that works for me.  The most frustrating thing is that there are 2 lovely ladies that are so sweet, visit my blog regularly, and give me the nicest comments and I cannot comment on their blogs.  Linda and Lindsey - I just want you to know that I always check your blogs but I cannont leave a comment on them!  I keep checking to see if the problem is solved but not so far.  I decided to post this so you both would know how much I appreciate your comments and let you know that I would leave comments on your blog if I could. 

Yes, there are others who also leave me comments and I know are regular visitiors (I see you there Januita, Imke, Jessica, and some others) but I believe I can leave comments on your blogs.  I appreciate you guys too - don't get me wrong - I just want Linda and Lindsey to know that I would love to return the commenting favor if I could!!! 

Thanks eveyone for visiting.  And I understand if you can't comment or just don't feel able to for whatever reason!!  I still appreciate your support!!  Please continue to visit in any way that works for you and enjoy whatever inspiration you might get from my blog!

I have some great posts coming from my "jam all the scrap I can into a 12 x 12 container and use only that to create cards" experiment.  Make sure you check back - you won't want to miss it all!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Image Swap - Lena's July Image

We have just returned from a great week of camping in Idaho with friends.  What FUN!!

Well, it took a bit of finger crossing but my July image from Lena arrived safe and sound through the mail despite the Canadian postal strike. 

For the image swap, Lena decided to really change things up a bit and I love it!!  This cute image is from Dustin Pike.  My son was totally pumped.  His comment was, "Well, they did it.  They found a way to mix dragons and space". 

I decided that I wanted to use this particular background paper with my space dragon so I wanted to cut him out.  But then I needed a surface for him to stand on.  I didn't ha\v one so I just created one!! 

You need to go see what everyone else did with this cool dude of a dragon HERE

Thanks for dropping by today!!!  Have a great one!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 18 - take 3

Finally, Take 3 is here.  My favorite of all the cards I created with this Fiskars set.  There are a few things why I like this card.  One is that I think it is simple and elegant.  But more importantly are the people who I made it for.  You see, my nephew just got married and he and his lovely bride went to France for their honeymoon.  You can see where I am going with this!!! I think they will love it.

So there you have it ... another Take 3 challenge!!  Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 18 - take 2

So here is Take 2 from this week's Take 3 challenge using the Fiskars clear stamp set called Travel.
Nothing like a circle to change things up a bit. 
I love this windmill image.  And I adore these colors together!

And here is a close up of the cloud background.  I quickly cut a small cloud template
and sponged on some light blue ink. 
Okay, so that is Take 2.  What could Take 3 look like??  Guess you'll have to drop back in tomorrow to see.  It is my favorite ... I can't wait to share it with you!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 18 - take 1

Here is the latest Take 3 Challenge using a Fiskars clear stamp set called Travel.  A friend from work had been given it as a gift but since she is not a stamper and knows that I am she sold it to me for real cheap!!  I love cheap stamps!!  :-) 

I created Take 1 for my mom.  She and her friend have been traveling these days so I thought I'd re-create this card for her.  I say re-create becasue I saw it somewhere ...but now that I am posting my version I am unable to find the original!  I really want to give credit so if anyone knows who originally created this card please leave me a comment and I'll edit this post. 

So that is Take 1.  Stay tuned to see what Take 2 looks like.  But Take 3 is my favorite so you will need to return tomorrow and Wednesday to see them all!! 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 11 - part 3

Well, this is my last card for this week's Take 3 challenge.

I think I really did a good job of creating 3 very different cards this week.

This card uses a new technique that I have seen on many blogs but haven't actually tried until now.  It is where you use your acrylic block to create a shadow background by inking up the acrylic block.  That's right, pat the ink right on to the acrylic block, mist with water and stamp it onto the paper.

On top of this background image, I added some inked and misted images of that Hero Arts leaf stmap that I am featuring in this week's Take 3 challenge. 

I hope you have enjoyed this week's Take 3.  I love this particular stamp set so you might see one of the other images in it featured in a future Take 3 week challenge.

Thanks again for dropping by for a visit.  I truely appreciate all your visits and comments.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 11 - part 2

Well, check this card out.  It is the 2nd card for my Take 3 challenge this week.  And sooooooo different from yesterday's card, right!!??

I randomly stamped the leaf image using Antique Linen, Tea Dye, and Walnut Stain distress inks (Ranger).  Then I added all the other yumminess!! 

I don't use lace very often .. very fun!!

I was inspired by Shari Caroll after seeing this card she made.

Thanks for checking out my second card in this week's Take 3 challenge.  One more card using the same leaf image tomorrow...and another new technique for me.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 11 - part 1

Here is my new stamp that I decided to make the focus of this week's Take 3.

It comes from the Hero Arts set called Antique Flower Engravings.  It is a leaf and oh so elegant at that.

I wanted to go with something different so decided to use the color challenge offered up by Susan's One Layer Wednesday #58 challenge (a few weeks ago) - turquoise, orange, and yellow.

I added a splash of black!

I hope you are enjoying my Take 3 challenges.  Feel free to let me know what you think!  Make sure you drop by tomorrow for a read different look using this same image.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Teacher Gift 2011

My son really enjoyed grade 6 this year and a large part of that is because he had an awesome teacher!  So I wanted to share our appreciation by getting her a little gift.  I saw an example of a card like this on Jennifer McGuire's blog and decided it would be perfect. 

The pencil is altered since it actually has a "Sign Here" and dotted line inside it.  I deleted that when stamping and added lines to create that classic wooden pencil effect instead.

The sentiment is created on the computer and I even dry embossed some lines around the edge of each card to finish them off. 

I hope she liked the present because my son got her again for Grade 7!  He is really excited about that and so are we!

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 4 - part 3

And welcome back to see Take 3 of this week's challenge. 

Today's card is a different layout!  I love that plaid background paper (from October Afternoon) and think it works well with this particular image.  This would be a great card for a little boy celebrating his special day! 

Well, that is all 3 takes for this image.  What might next week's Take 3 challenge look like??  Just one way to find out .. you'll have to drop back in for a visit to see!! 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 4 - part 2

Here is Take 2 in this week's Take 3 challenge.  This time, I used the train in conjunction with a sentiments from a Papertrey Ink set (the 2nd year anniversary set).  And, no, that middle train car image does not come in the Studio G set .. I drew it around the sentiment!  I think it turned out really cute!! 

This particular layout seems to be cropping up a lot!!  I need to change it up a bit!

Thanks for droppig by today.  Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what the last Take 3 card looks like using these cute train image!

Thanks, Donelda

Monday, July 4, 2011

Take 3 - Week of July 4 - part 1

This week's Take 3 uses a cute little train set of images from another Studio G set I picked up at Michael's a few months ago.  While these stamps are not the greatest quality, they still work and they have been coming out with some cuter images these days.  Besides, you just can't go wrong for the price!! 

Today's card:

Some bright oranges and blues with some coordinating designer paper.

What might I do with this tomorrow??   Drop back in to check out Take 2.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Creativity at it's Finest

First of all Happy Canada Day!  I am so proud to be Canadian!!! 

We are camping for a few days.  I had a pang of distress.  I have finally returned to crafting but now I'll be away for days ... no paper, no ink, no ribbon!!!  Yikes.  Then I got to thinking about reading posts where folks took a few supplies with them and created cards while on holidays.  Mmmmm., could I do that?? 

So, my plan is to take all of my scraps with me, a few card bases, and some other key supplies and see what I could create while camping.  Should be interesting.  Because we have very limited space, I decided to bring only what would fit in a 12 x 12 scrapbook storage box.  Here are some photos of what I took. 
Some stamps - mostly background type of stamps and all PTI.

Some scraps and previously stamped images.  These items will likely be the focal parts of any cards I make.
Some background pieces of scrap, buttons, and a bunch of twine.

And finally, my PTI inks, various adhesives, a few markers, scissors and a small bag of ribbon. 
This should be interesting and ... creativity at it's finest!!

Wish me luck!